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Optimized routes

An advanced so-called metaheuristic algorithm does the routing planning automatically. With a set of vehicles, one or more depots, and dynamically added orders, the system calculates routes for each of the vehicles to serve your customers effectively.

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Online vehicle tracking

The smartphone in vehicles are continuously sending the GPS locations to the server. The central dispatcher can thereby monitor locations of the vehicles in the fleet. In addition, the driver uses the smartphone or tablet device to get route guidance and send order status and feedback

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Continuous planning

The system handles dynamically added orders in a continuous planning process. In addition, through easy manageable work calendars vehicle availability can be variable over time, and take overtime, sick leave and holidays into account.

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Optimize planning and reduce cost

Dynamic Fleet optimizes the route planning. Dynamic Fleet continuously optimizes the planned routes for all the vehicles in your fleet. The dispatcher user can add new orders dynamically. The system is using an advanced algorithm to optimize the routes and minimize your driving cost. Dynamic Fleet will automatically assign orders to the vehicles with respect to time and capacity constraints.

Optimize the route

Use the smartphone

Bring the Vehicle App with you on your smartphone or tablet device

In the vehicles, you will just need a standard smartphone or tablet device, running HTML5 (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone). Using the GPS of the device, the Vehicle App continuously sends the current position to the Dynamic Fleet manager application. Use the Vehicle App to handle order status, order reporting and driving directions.

Provide good service - on time

With the Dispatcher Client, you can easily manage and monitor your orders and their characteristics, such as type, demand, and time constraints. You can follow the vehicles movements on a map and keep track of the order statuses. The system displays the automatically generated planned routes on a time schedule-graph as well as on a map. The dispatcher user can manually overrule and modify the automatically generated routes.

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